"Perhaps the best proof that there is Intelligent Life in Outer Space is the fact it hasn't come here. Well, it can't hide forever - one day we will overhear it".College grad. 20 years old. Copywriter.

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I’m on my way to becoming a copywriter…

and I’m currently attending Chicago Portfolio School. I know when I was applying last year, I couldn’t find much insight on the school online, so feel free to send me any questions you may have!

Hannah, Girls 

That is because no one could ever hate me as much as I hate myself. So any mean thing someone could think of to say about me, I’ve already said to me about me, probably in the last half hour.

Writing headlines about a burger fest with a peer…

C: How about, “Eat a fucking burger?”

Me: Yeah, I think we’re all tapped out of good ideas.

(Keep in mind at this point we’d written 100+ headlines)

You know you’re a copywriter when

You have more than one notebook on you at any given time.

When the ex/hookup/closest friend says…

"Imagine what I’m going to do to you after 3 months…"

Damn you. Now, I feel compelled to fly down for your birthday, more than ever.

I haven’t had…

Sex or any sort of sexual contact for 3 weeks.

After constantly hooking up with my ex for a year and a half, this is one of the longest dry spells I’ve had.




Sometimes I’m a monster. Not all people are bad. I want to make you happy. I want to make you feel alive. It all started with a big big bang. The reason I’m alive. Everyone is a stranger. What makes you worth that next breath? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Our hopes and expectations. Black holes and revaluations. Being aware of being. You should know I’m a little fucked up, but I don’t want you to know that. Like a moth to a flame, into the fire you go. I hope I can make it worth your while.


Songs that I currently don’t understand why I like and hate at the same time:

  • Rude by Magic
  • Fancy by Iggy Azalea


I went to Wrigleyville and met this really accomplished, well spoken, and attractive 22 year old who thinks I’m adorable. He trades stocks for a living, 6ft, Russian, with lovely eyes, and I’m quite taken by him.

Here’s to hoping he will call/ text me to hang out again and is opened to maybe making out?

Anonymously message me (1) thing you want to know about me.

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tomorrow it’ll be a week since I moved to Chicago. 

Although it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the city, it is hella expensive to live here.

Granted this may be because I’ve had to buy a bunch of essentials for my apt, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful to try and budget when none of my job prospects (including an company job transfer) have yet to call me.


Jordan Belfort (via feellng)

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The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.
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